ActionScript Art

This is something I’ve wanted to explore for a while now, and plan to find time to do more in the future. These images are created in the flash environment through code. A photograph is used as a base, and then through the ActionScript language I am analyzing the colour of that photograph to create a new image. The first two are created from the same image using slightly different equations, while the third is a different photo. The results are interesting

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Jessica Leigh Clark said:

Neet. How are the shapes that make up the composition determined?

Shal said:

tyler, these looks great. nice work.

Tyler Egeto said:

No trade secrets, I just tell it on every pixel to create two shapes if I want, (or a 100) and then it does. Some thing like drawCircle then set its size on the parameters, then I say drawRectangle.

Transparency can also be controlled, and other things as well. I play with the blur or glow, basically anything.

Jessica Leigh Clark said:

Can transparency also be a variable in your calculations?

My uncle used to be involved with AI generated art like this stuff:

Tyler Egeto said:

I am telling it to use a circle or a square, however their size, colour, position ,stroke width, and rotation are all based off a hexadecimal colour values in the original image. I am doing some different math operations for each on those hexadecimal values based on the property.

This is really basic compared to what others are doing. Erik Natzke is one of my favorites in this area, you should check out his work.

wes said:

Just amazing WOW

Jessica Leigh Clark said:

Okay, I love that. Like magical spaghetti-o’s ;-)

So! How do his programs determine the shapes used (since there are more than one in a comp)?

Or is that a trade secret?


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