Adobe AIR iOS 5 retina performance

A quick demo of Adobe AIR running on iOS5 with retina display (iPod 4.) The performance is great, significantly faster than previous versions of AIR. In this video I’m rendering 250 unique images each of which is constantly moving. (Which results in the entire screen being redrawn each frame.) The frame rate never drops below 30. This demo application is poorly built, with many of the display objects being outside the screen at any one time, resulting in wasting resources.

I’ll try to post a follow up at some point showing how far it can be pushed while maintaining a solid framerate. Regardless, this proves Adobe AIR on mobile devices is more than capable for a large variety of applications, including games.

My Android device (HTC Desire) tends to out do the iOS devices while running AIR apps in my experience, so that market is equally accessible to AIR developers.


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