Bezier3D Version 2.0

The content of this page is no longer relevant. It has been modified to remove download links. This page has been left here for historical reasons.

After a request, I have updated the Bezier3D class with an COMPLETE_EVENT that you can listen for. This will be helpful if you want something to happen after the animation has played through. Example 1 has been updated to demonstrate this.

I also updated a small bug that could result in your camera not stopping in the exact place you told it to if the animation was happening too fast. Now you will know exactly where it is going to stop.


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fahis said:

thank u what kind of file this - DS_STORE ?

Tyler Egeto said:

“Stores viewing preferences for a folder in Mac OS X; includes information about the folder’s window location, window size, what view option has been selected (icon, list, or column), and the layout of icons in the window.

DS_STORE files are usually invisible, but may become visible when copied over a network, copied to a Windows computer, or restored from a backup; the DS_STORE file can be deleted from within a folder without affecting any of the data inside the folder; if the DS_STORE file is removed, the folder will open using the Finder’s default view settings.

DS stands for “Desktop Services.”

In other words, just delete it.


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