CanUX looks at me and the Organic Web

CanUX (a Microsoft Developer Network blog) is a blog that focuses on the user experience community in Canada. Recently they took a look at me and some of my work, specifically my project, the Organic Web.

The article can be found here. In the article I talk briefly about my passions as a designer and where I am headed in the future. Also in the article is a video that demonstrates some of the core concepts behind the Organic Information Visualization System I developed, (the system that the Organic Web demo application is built on).

A special thanks to CanUX for giving me the opportunity to share my work!


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Alexander Pelzl said:

I appreciate your work very much. Apparently you are a very passionate and curious developer.

Thnx for sharing

Cheers from Mallorca, Alexander Pelzl

Tyler Egeto said:

Thanks and thanks, you can view it here:


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