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I’ve been having a hard to finding enough free time to experiment between work and various other projects on the go. I’m going to be making more of an effort to do a little every week. Here’s something small as a result of that. I’ll be focusing on small quick little things like this.

Worth noting is that this experiment dosen’t use any for loops to update the scene, but rather is built with a composite design pattern. Each node is the child of the one that comes in front of it. By calling update on the first node each one then calls update on its child.


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Mirux said:

Hey Tyler, nice thing.

Sara Cheung said:


Tim Clayton said:

Very cool Tyler. Look forward to seeing more “little” projects.

Andrea said:

I love this “pearl necklace”…I was wondering if they could fall apart somehow. It would be fun! I wish I had more space to play with it.


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