Flash + Papervison3D + Ape

The content of this page is no longer relevant. It has been modified and stripped of Adobe Flash content.
This page has been left here for historical reasons.

There are a lot of technical changes in this build. In the process of converting the code so that each object would move outward on the mouse click, rather than one object moving to the mouse position, I discovered a major issue. But it need to be changed in order to get it working with the sound later on down the road. The problem was that the new version uses a fair bit of math in order to position the objects around the circle, and the coordinate system in flash, where the position [0,0] is at the far top left instead of the center, resulted in some math issues.

Basically I had to re-write the way it was working, but it is corrected now. The new movement on the objects is accurate to how they will move once the sound effector is added to it. In addition I started to incorporated the 3D camera system that will be in the final version as well. It is the same camera system that is in the latest build of the visual sound project.

The next step will be eliminating all of the 2D objects from this build and increasing the number of 3D objects to 12. Stay tuned for that update over the next couple of days.


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