Flash PaperVision3D Experiment

Note: The content of this page is no longer relevant and has been stripped of Adobe Flash content. This page has been left here for historical reasons.

This is just a test from an area I am experimenting. This was done created with a new technology for flash called Papervision3D. Papervision3D allows us (the developers) to take a 3D object we have made in a 3D program, such as Maya or 3DSmax, and import that into flash. This is really powerful because it opens new door for us in terms of interactivity. This is a huge step forward in flash, and could have a huge impact of where flash is headed. This is just a simple and early test, a glimpse of where I plan to head with flash, and what is to come.

If none of that makes any sense to you, don’t worry, just fallow this link, and enjoy.

Don’t just watch the cube, click on it and hold, drag it around.

The link to this example has been removed


Flash, ActionScript 3, 3D


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Missy said:

Hi Tyler!

I’ve been browsing through all your entries and I was wondering if you could send me or put up the code for this particular experiment? or even send me the link from where you got it? I could really use this effect for my Interface development project. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank You!


P.S. my email is dd10murielle@vfs.com

Tyler Egeto said:

Hi there, here is a project file for creating this. If you need some help feel free to ask.

note: link removed


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