Google apps (mail) + Qmail woes

I just wanted to document this as I’m sure someone else will run into the problem, and there isn’t much information out there.


Your using Google Apps mail to grab emails from The server running is using Qmail as your MTA. (As Plesk servers do)


When you generate email from a script running on the same server, and send it to an address at the same domain, Google Apps fails to to pick it up. It picks all other email up fine.

Quick solution:

In your Qmail config file, disable mail for (In Plesk, this file can be found at: /var/qmail/control/virtualdomains)

Semi-long winded answer:

Qmail handles local mail differently than outgoing mail. So if you send mail to, from a script running at, it bypasses the mail queue entirely (so Google Apps can’t pick it up), and just directly delivers it, (locally). By disabling mail handling for that domain, it’s not recognized as being a local address, and is placed into the queue., and Google can pick it up!

It’s quite simple, once you know what to do.

UPDATE: You may have to restart your mail server after making this change before you see any results.


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BB said:

Thank you! I dont know if I would ever have figured this out!


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