LoaderTE: AS3 Loader Object

The content of this page is no longer relevant. It has been modified and stripped of Adobe Flash content. This page has been left here for historical reasons.

I thought I would share a custom tool that I use in my projects, and few work flow tips, that are neither ground breaking, nor original. This is definitely a beta tool, but I thought I would share it now, before it sits on my hard disk for another couple of months as I don’t refine it.

LoaderTE, is a simple tool I use for for managing external assets that are either bitmap based, swf’s, or xml data. it has some handy features for organizing this data, allowing me to give them dynamic reference names and/or organize them into groups. It stores all bitmap images as bitmapData objects, which cuts down on file size where the same image is used more than once, as it references the stored data, rather then creating a new copy each time.

Another handy feature is the ability to pass in multiple loads at once, where they are stored in a queue, then wait for it to tell me when it has finished them all. Alternatively, It gives me the ability to pass in a new load as a priority, where it is put to the front of the queue, and dispatches a special event on its completion.

This is typically how I will use this tool. All image assets exist outside of my flash projects and are loaded in at run time, but so I have the ability to quickly and easily update these images, and even change there names, I use an XML file to get the location/name references at run time as well. Typically I load in the XML file at start up, then start loading what I need. Depending on the scale of the project I might load the rest of the files after I have the ones I need, or simply keep the references on hand for when I need more image references.

Anyways, that’s the run down, hopefully someone finds it helpful.

Update: Download removed. Out of date.

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