LoaderTE update 0.4.1

The content of this page is no longer relevant. It has been modified and stripped of Adobe Flash content. This page has been left here for historical reasons.

This update has a number of bug fixes and improves on the priority event functionality. In this update priority events now contain the loaded objects group name and storage reference name.

I have also added a new function to check if an item exists or not. This new check combined with the “loaded” property on each load submitted (which tells you if it has finished loading or not), is quite powerful, especially if multiple objects are waiting for the same load to complete. For example, loading one external bitmap that you use in two places. (since they share the same bitmapData object). By checking these two properties you can tell if an image has already been loaded or if it is in the process of loading.

Update: Download removed. Out of date.

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