Make me go round

It’s not summer time yet, but this might help hold you over till it comes. You will need a microphone attached to your computer fully appreciate this one. If you don’t have one, don’t worry you can just click. If you do have a microphone, make sure its enabled so you can use it in flash, (there should be a pop-up), then just blow into you mic!


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Sebastien said:

Pretty cool Tyler!

Sharlene said:

Fun! :D

Betty said:

I love this! My favorite thing this spring!

Nick said:

people are asking me to shut up :( I have to stop playing…

Brett said:

Real time volume tracking?

Tyler Egeto said:

Real time in the sense that you have 1 value to work with on a range of 0-100, While the compute spectrum function on a wave form gives us 512 values. So yes, but very limited. It’s built in, called the activityLevel.

Wil said:

blowing into the mic as an alternative interaction input… hmmm… sounds familiar ;-) nice application! now let’s see some dandelion seeds in papervision, eh?

Andrea said:

Hey Tyler, that’s cool… :D

Hannah said:

Neat! It reminds me a bit of an installation by Snibbe Interactive:


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