Meta balls

Here are some bitmap based meta balls in AS3. They definitely make Flash work hard (too many distance calculations). Currently it redraws every pixel on the frame refresh. A big optimization would be to first determine the ranges of pixels that need to be updated then only draw those ones, but anyways here it is.


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Seb said:

Nice try :) In my opinion you should use a vector description of the border (several points for each object) without calculate all pixels, it should make the performance much faster. The point is to find propper math formula. Am I right?

Tyler Egeto said:

Definitely, this thing runs terrible!

Alex said:

Very nice balls Tyler. Very Nice. How ever did you get them so smooth?

Vincent said:

I’ve been trying to optimize metaball redraw all year.

Tyler Egeto said:

I wasn’t going to bother optimizing it, but now I feel obligated.

Daniel said:

I guess they are smooth because of bevel filter, am I right? :) … good work anyway, to be honest it will be great if you optimize it, I would like use them in my next project but the performance must be way much better, maybe we can cooperate a bit. … I am going to google out some theory first :)


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