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Some new additions this time around. Firstly I added three new sliders for colour offsets. It is interesting to play with these sliders, you can now achieve any possible colour (I believe) between the six colour sliders. I found it strange how flash handles colour offset vs colour multipliers (the first 3 sliders). The multipliers work on a number range from 0-1, while the offsets work on a number range from (-255)-255. The 255 comes from RBG values, or how colour is handled on electronic displays, (such as your monitor). It’s odd to me that they would use two different systems here, they easily could have used one system and had flash convert it in the back ground for you.

The other addition here is the the alpha controls. Another observation here is I can’t tell a difference between the two alpha properties. They both seem to have the exact same effect, just using the different number systems. I can’t seem to determine a purpose for having both in there. Does anyone else know the reason for this?

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Brett Forsyth said:

oh color you say. Well take a look here Enjoy!

Brett Forsyth said:

Yikes look at that comment format!

Tyler said:

Awesome! Their link section is full of some great resources as well! Thanks.


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