New Camera Class teaser

This is a sample from the new papervision3D class that I have been working on. The class extends the FreeCamera3D class currently found in papervision, adding some features not currently available. As it is now there are two camera classes in papervision, camera3D and FreeCamera3D. The two types of cameras both have their own individual strengths and weaknesses, for example in the FreeCamera3D object you have the ability to roll that camera, something you can not do in the Camera3D . However in the Camera3D object you can target another object, so the camera fallows it where ever it goes, something you can not do with FreeCamera3D.

With my camera extension you can do both these things in one camera, plus other features. In the demo below the pink cube is rotating around he bigger one and the camera is fallowing it as it does. Then you have two sliders, one will control the camera roll, the second its yaw.

Here is a tentative list of features in the upcoming release: - camera roll - camera yaw - camera pitch - camera targeting of other objects - control over camera rotation even when the camera is is yawing, rolling, or pitching - rotate around a target object and maintain a constant distance


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Brett Forsyth said:

can’t see the flash. it says i am forbidden.

Tyler Egeto said:

Hmmm.. thats odd I can see it on both of my computers. I can see it in IE, firefox, and safari. Anyone else having issues?

Betty said:

No, works great on Explorer!

Seth said:

Flash has just banned Brett in general. I think that’s fair considering the things Brett has done to Flash in the past.


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