NewCamera3D for download

My camera for the papervision3D engine is now available for download. The really great thing about it is the ease of use, you initiate it just like any other camera, but you get a few new options. The basic premise behind my camera is that it combines the FreeCamera3D and Camera3D cameras that already exist together without te draw backs of either one.

You can set or remove a target at any time. If a target is set you have the functionality found in Camera3D, this includes hover, plus you will now have access to roll, yaw, and pitch while targeting something. If you remove the target (by setting it to null) the camera will act like a free camera. This allows you to easily switch between the different control types.

There are a few minor changes in the way you talk to it, target, yaw, roll, and pitch are now called freeTarget, freeYaw, freeRoll, and freePitch.

I hope you find this useful.

Update: Download link removed

Heres a demo:


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slopester said:

Looks good - thanks for sharing :o)

dizy said:

thanks, just what I’ve been looking for

dizy said:

Btw… i think it makes more sense to remove the freeYaw,freeRoll,freePitch setters…

just set the vars public… this way you can adjust either by a static degree (freeRoll = 15) or an incrementing one (freeRoll +=15) …. instead of it only being incrementing

Just my 2c

Matthew said:

This is great, any chance of applying the same principles to the new FrustumCamera3D? So all the object that are not in view, are culled and thus improving rendering times?

Matt :)

Tyler Egeto said:

I’ll take a look into it!


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