Papervision 2.0 Basic world Setup Tutorial

I have received quite a few emails and thanks in regards to my Box2D basic world setup tutorial, and often I am asked about my papervision experiments, so I thought I would create a similar tutorial for it. This tutorial just covers the very basics, but these are things you simply must know when starting out.

This example is based in papervision 2.0, which is still in the alpha stage. However, due to the changes and more powerful engine, this is the future of papervision, so if you are just starting, this is where you should start.

You can download it here.

I hope you find it useful, feel free to contact me with questions, papervision can be a complicated beast when you are first learning it. (and afterwards)


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Frazko said:

may you please make one example but moving things with tweener or something alike..??. please..

Tyler Egeto said:

You could look at the examples for my custom bezier class here:

As far as using tweener, yes I can put together an example, but it might be a week or so before I get a chance, I am very busy on a project this week.

Lauren said:

Ok, so I think I am more confused now than when I began this slow decent into Pv3D. First off, I am running a mac, and I have never used an SVN before so I am having a hard time downloading the classes for GreatWhite. So, I think I need someone to hold my hand, which is so frustrating btw. (I get errors on your tutorial because I know I do not have the classes properly set up).

So my big question is- does everything have to be coded, or is there a GUI like Maya (something I am very comfortable working within). My final output will be a 3Dsite - maya is too heavy for web now - that unfolds, not unlike the type of org (but more like house of cards vs filing cabinets). So- I need help, and I am alone in the venture. Thanks!! :)

Tyler Egeto said:

Hi Lauren,

Yes every thing does need to be done through code in Papervision. We can model things in either Maya or 3DsMax, but interactivity is all code, so unfortunately no GUI.

If you have downloaded the GreatWhite files you need to set them up through your flash prefrences settings. In there you need to find ActionScript3 settings and set up a target path into the GreatWhite folder. If that m akes no sense at all I can post some screen shots to help get you on your way.

The whitevoid site is a nice app!


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