Papervision3D - Bezier3D class for download

I just add my papervision3d Bezier3D class to the code section of my site for download.

Update: Download removed.


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Anil Mathew said:

Good work! this is a great help to me. Thanks

Nicknitro said:

Nice class ! Helps a lot!

Is there any way to detect the end of the animation? Something like ONSTOP? There was one, I remember, in Robet Penner’s tween class, Tween.onMotionFinished. It was quite useful.

Tyler Egeto said:

No there currently is not, however there is no reason there can’t be. I’ll look into it.

Tyler Egeto said:

I have just posted version 2.0 of this class up and it allows you to do this. I have handled it a little different then the example you mentioned, but it achieves the same result. I have updated example 1 in the download to demonstrate.

All you need to do is add an event listener to your instance of the Bezier3D, listening for COMPLETE_EVENT, and then all you need to do is handle it like any other event. Very nifty.

Nicknitro said:

Man, that’s terrific! Thanks a million!

And thanks again for helping us rookies on Papervision.

Sam said:

Hello Tyler,

Thats a great example and I’ve been looking for it for long time. I would love to look at the source code for this project. But, I see that download is not available for this one at the moment. Is there any chance to get the source for this one.




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