Papervision3D smoothing issue, and fix

Recently I have come across an issue in Papervision that pops up if you are using smoothing. The issue only occurs when a smoothed material is viewed at an extreme angle where it is only a couple of pixels wide on the screen. This can cause Flash to take a major performance hit, or even lock up at times. luckily there is a simple and easy fix. If you set smoothing to true, be sure that you also set tiling to true, and this wont be an issue.


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Pablo said:

Hey, yeah that works however it can cause flickering on the edges of your planes. For my portfolio I tried it out and it just wouldn’t work with some of the planes because of the flickering.

Tyler Egeto said:

Hey Pablo, thanks for the heads up.

I haven’t seen this issue myself. It seems odd that only some planes flicker. I wonder if it is the same planes every time? I will have to do some tests, and try to recreate this. I’ll let you know what I find.

Revoluzifer said:

And again thanks ;) After you helped me in the PV3D forums and now I see you already posted this in May 2008 - Got a new bookmark^^

Tyler Egeto said:

Great, I’m glad it helped you!


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