Playing with Unity3D

Last year I made an effort to dig into Unity3D, which is a fantastic gaming platform for pretty much anywhere you would want to deploy games. This is the “game” I built while I oriented myself with the platform.

(Arrow keys to move, left-mouse to shoot)

A few words of advice to budding Unity enthusiasts:

  • Unity3D has a few options when it comes to programming languages, I gave them all a fair effort at first, but quickly found C# to be the best option when working with Unity3D. It’s the most flexible, powerful, and useful.
  • The “JavaScript” implementation in Unity is not 100% true to the JavaScript spec. I’d actually describe it as “JavaScript inspired” This is both a good and a bad thing.
  • The Unity documentation is really well put together, and an excellent place to get started.
  • Unity is a entity based game engine, read Richard Lord’s blog post to wrap your head around them.
  • If you’re a programmer, try to team up with a 3D modeler for your game. You will thank yourself for doing so.
  • Blender3D scales are out of whack, files import at 0.1 scale! Adjust these on import or you will have problems later


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