Three Unity3D Game Prototypes

Here are three game prototypes I made in 2013. All of these are built in the Unity3D game engine, with 3D modeling done in Blender3D. Some of the assets used in these videos come from the Unity Asset Store.

The screen recordings aren’t great quality, but do a decent job of capturing the games.

Prototype #1

For this one I delibertly used very minimal assets. This is an exercise in focusing on elements other than artwork, such as camera angles and audio, to create an engaging experince.

Prototype #2

This prototype puts a lot of focus on visuals. This prototype aims to capture the look and feel of old black and white films. Gameplay borrows from classic adventure games, such as Myst, in a full 3d environment.

Prototype #3

This prototype put a focus on animation and game systems such as health and combat. Artwork is also notibly a higher priotity than the first one.


Game development, Unity3D, C#

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