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Unity3D RTS Game Prototype - using the Linux Editor

Video of a Unity3D RTS game prototype built using the Linux version of the Unity3D editor

Playing with MagicaVoxel

Images from my first attempts at voxel art using MagicaVoxel

Braille: A 6-bit binary language

A look at Braille, as a binary computer language. With a JavaScript based converter.

Feedback for Async Actions Please

When applications don't provide visual feedback to async user actions the hulk gets angry.

Punch Card Emulator

A Punch Card emulator written in JavaScript

Visual Sound with the Web Audio API

A quick introductory look into the Web Audio API available in JavaScript and Dart.

Specifing an alternate dart.js file to use

A small snippet that allows you to specify the name of the dart.js file to use when the Dart VM is not available

Three Unity3D Game Prototypes

Videos of three game prototypes built in Unity3D

CSS transitions for hover states

Using CSS3 transitions for button hover states

Text Animation in JavaScript

Some simple but fun text animations in JavaScript. Reminiscent of the early Flash days, where this thing was pretty common. (and exciting!)

Attack of JavaScript's global scope

Details on how JavaScript's global scope resulted in a programming bug. Explains the scenario and why you should always work in strict mode.

Playing with Unity3D

A small game demo built with Unity3D, programmed in C#

SpriteSheet in Dart, just cause.

A very simple sprite sheet in the programming language Dart. Just for fun.

Simple AI movement

Simple AI movement demo programmed in JavaScript.

Drawing iOS UIViews to AS3 bitmapData via Adobe AIR native extensions

How to draw iOS native views to AS3 bitmapData objects via Adobe AIR native extensions

Adobe AIR Native Extensions with Native iOS UI

How to integrate native iOS views into Adobe AIR applications. Any UIView object, such MKMapKit views can be integrated.

Adobe AIR, iOS, Native MapKit.

Demo video of iOS MKMapKit running in an Adobe AIR application with native extensions.

Adobe AIR iOS 5 retina performance

Adobe AIR iOS 5 retina performance

Alternative solutions to using Captchas.

Captchas exist at the frustration of users everywhere. This article explores alternative solutions to using captchas.

A Guide to Nonce now includes a Go implementation

A Guide to Nonce now includes a implementation in the programming language Go in addition to the PHP one.

ECMAScript.Next with David Herman

Excellent talk on, the release after ES5 (also known as Harmony)

Zipped asset loading benchmark

A speed comparison in Flash/ActionScript3, testing the speed differences between loading single images vs. a zipped collection of images.

A Guide to Nonce

A Guide to Nonce, (number used once) an in-depth look at the what, why, and how of adding nonce support to a web application. PHP Nonce example implementation included.

Google apps (mail) + Qmail woes

Problem: When you generate email from a script running on the same server, and send it to an address at the same domain, Google Apps fails to to pick it up. It picks all other email up fine.

Fall'n Blocks

Fall'n Blocks is a Tetris clone written in ActionScript 3. Play it and download the open-source code here.

Using vars in regular expressions (AS3)

Qucik tip for working with Regular Expressions in ActionScript 3. Tips for dealing with challenges of dynamically building expressions.

Anatomy of a change request

Change requests are a part of the development cycle. This article describes them and explains why you need to plan for them.

We all suck at search

A brief article describing why you should consider using Google Custom Search in your website rather than a custom solution.

Logger Released

An open source implementation of a simple, flexible and extendable logger for ActionScript development.

Titanium Chef Live!

Titanium Chef is a online Flash based RPG game. View some screenshots and then continue on to the game site to play.

Object lifetime, performance, and application design.

An article on the importnace of maintaing proper object lifetimes in your applications. Describes the performance benifits and some basic strategies.

Paginator AS3 version 0.6.0

Paginator AS3 is an open source implementation of a pagination system for ActionScript project. Version 0.6.0 is now released.

ActionScript 3 Tooltip

An open source implementation of a tooltip system for ActionScript projects. See a quick demo, docs, and download the source code.

Paginator AS3

Paginator AS3 is an open source implementation of a pagination system for ActionScript project. Documentation and examples included.

SAT experimentation

Playing around with Separation of Axis Theorem

Regular expressions for custom html support in AS3

Using Regular Expressions to add HTML tags to AS3 text fields for custom formating.


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